« TRUElandscape – FRANCE » is an addon for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® X that covers the entire French territory with a brand new landclass and landscape scenery providing a better rendition of the land cover and the finest hydrographic network designed to bring the best experience in VFR flying.

The ambition of this product is to provide a true benchmark for VFR simulated air navigation. We will soon set up a monitoring and reporting that will allow to regularly specify, modify existing data and enhance the product.


TRUElandscape modifies and adds :

  • A new denition for whole coastlines and hyrographic system.
  • The reassignment of all landclass covering France and Corsica.
  • The redefinition of urban, peri-urban, industrial, commercial areas, port etc..
  • The redefinition of fragmented deciduous, mixed, coniferous, young forests, etc..
  • A brand new qualification for all coastlines, sandy, beaches, dunes,rocks, heaths, etc..
  • Pylons for high voltage and very high voltage power network over the country..

TRUElandscape does not change :

  • The road network.
  • The rail network.
  • Ground textures or class definitions.

Compatibility : FSX – SP2/Accel. BUY
Download price: 29.90 €
Number of files(s) : 1
File(s) size : 96 Mo

* All sceenshots snapped with France VFR® 4.75m NEXTMesh active.


« TRUElandscape – FRANCE » is designed for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® X – SP2 and Microsoft® Flight Simulator® X Acceleration (all versions). It is compatible with all kind of add-ons like mesh, landclass, texture packs or photoscenery. Install does not modify any element in your configuration and product can be activated or disabled at will with simple click.

« TRUElandscape – FRANCE » is designed with geo-referenced data and we recommend the combined use of high-resolution mesh as NEXTMesh France from France VFR®. Of course our product « Obstacles & VFR landmarks – FRANCE» suits perfectly to enhance your experience